Match Report
St John's School, Leatherhead 1st VII vs  Surbiton High School
On: Saturday, 21 Jan 2017
Venue: at Home

We drew 28-28 last year against Surbiton High School, so we knew we were going to face a tough encounter.

The 1st VII side were looking strong all week and with their strength and conditioning programmes from Nick Reese and Mrs Swift, the girls are well underway in their long term goals.

The game itself started nice and quickly, St John's got off to a flying start scoring 7 unanswered goals against Surbiton, which was an impressive start. It was in the first and second quarter where St John's made the damage - St John's were leading 27-6 at half time. Natasha Davison had a great first half in the WA bib, and displayed some fantastic drives to the top of the circle and out on the centre pass. Ruby Breakspear also had a great game at C and WD respectively, cleverly linking the attacking play down the court. Once again the duo of Grace Sullivan at GD and Ellie Grove at GK was pretty unstoppable - these two seem to have sixth sense about each others space in the defensive circle.

The second half was another story and Surbiton beat St John's up in the 3rd quarter, we lost that 11-12 which was hard hitting. The Surbiton C played a beautiful defensive game and had a high turnover rate. It was the St John's midcourt here that struggled to get over the transverse line. Much of the same in the last quarter and Surbiton came out fighting with pride; 7-7 in the last quarter proved a real defensive quarter - we had set some conditions in the shooting end where the players had to shoot as soon as they got in to the circle. This proved hard work, but Jasmine Cornish and Katie Littlewood worked tirelessly.

The final score was 45-25 to John's, a real momentous occasion, and few and far between. Surbiton put up an excellent fight in the second half, but St John's first half was paralysing and Surbiton struggled to make a come back. Katie Littlewood, for the second week running was awarded player of the match by the opposing team.