Match Report
St John's School, Leatherhead Girls 4th XI vs  St Mary's School Ascot
On: Saturday, 19 Nov 2016
Venue: Away

The 4th XI were up against St Mary's Ascot's 2nd XI and lost 5:0 after struggling to find their rythm. The 4th XI set out on an icy pitch in the early morning and the first half saw lots of girls on both sides struggling to keep their footing. Consequently, play was clumsier than usual and the forwards and mids found it frustratingly hard to push the ball up the pitch. St Mary's first goal came after Ellie Chalk made an excellent save and a St Mary's player was lucky enough to catch the rebound and flick the ball into the back of the net. A short corner folowed minutes later and Thea Greive defended brilliantly. St May's managed to slam in two more goals in the first half and in the half-time talk the team discussed the need to keep calm under pressure and to push up with more determination. The second half saw far better play from St John's and there were a couple of close attempts at goal, but unfortunately these bore no fruit. St Mary's managed a goal off a short corner and another goal colse to the final whistle. This is the second challenging match in a row for the 4th XI who are being pushed to develop in the face of stiff competition.