Match Report
St John's School, Leatherhead 6th VII vs  Cranleigh School
On: Saturday, 04 Mar 2017
Venue: Away

The 6th VII under the watchful eye of Miss Moors knew that it was going to be a tough affair away versus Cranleigh. However, coming home without a victory was never stated as an option. The first quarter was Cranleigh's with them taking a 3-1 lead even though Evie and Emma turned the ball over a superb amount of times. But the second quarter our Eagles managed to get the score back to 5-5.

The second half and we did not look back. Issy Cooper and Immy Tonnessson took their chances and goals were scored. Some elements of the game were scrappy, but St John's never gave up, constantly fighting for the ball. The final score 13-10 to us. Is an unbeaten season in sight?