Match Report
St John's School, Leatherhead 4th VII vs  Ardingly College
On: Saturday, 28 Jan 2017
Venue: at Home

This week the fourth team was playing Ardingly's third team which meant the team knew it was going to be a difficult challenge. The first quarter started with a few nerves and an extremely tall centre on the Ardingly team who was playing very well managed to turn over a lot of the centre passes. The score at the end of the quarter stood at 7-4. A quick team talk and some movement of players to match the athleticism of the Ardingly team meant St. John's began to properly challenge this talented 3rd team. With Sanne Senior and Zanna McMahon playing very well in the centre third they continued to move the ball very effectively into the circle where Darcy Barnes scored one hundred percent of her shots in this quarter. This excellent rhythm meant the team managed to even the score. Unfortunately St. John's as a less experienced side couldn't manage to maintain the intensity and the quarter finished 15-11. The second half saw some of the best netball the fourth team have played together since the beginning of the team. The girls should be extremely proud of how effectively they carried out their centre passes and moved the ball from one end of the court to the other and the player of the match on her debut was Darcy Barnes. At the end of the match the score finished at 30-22 but the girls should be extremely proud of the improvements they made during the match. Next week some practise on maintaining intensity will be the main focus.