Match Report
St John's School, Leatherhead 4th VII vs  Epsom College Girls-U18C
On: Saturday, 04 Feb 2017
Venue: Away

This was always going to be a difficult match as the girls were playing up a team. After a motivational team talk by the captain Freya Scarry they were ready to go. In the first quarter the team started steadily and the goals remained mostly with the centre passes. As the quarter progressed more and more turnovers started to occur. Georgie Smith made some excellent interceptions. The St. John's team did struggle to capitalise on these moments effectively however this is an area to work on in training this week. In the second quarter the team continued to intercept well but began to capitalise more effectively on these turnovers.
Throughout the match Sanne Senior played brilliantly moving into space to provide options for all players in the mid court. Within the circle India Tonesson did an excellent job of holding space and getting free at the right moments, creating multiple shooting opportunities. Because of this in the second half of the match St. John's started to pull away leading by 3 goals by the end of the third quarter. In the last quarter Epsom played very well and unfortunately managed to level the score and finally finished two goals ahead. This was a disappointing ending to a match were the girls had worked so hard to build their lead but maintaining intensity for a whole match is still an area that the team is working on. Players of the match were Sanne Senior and Georgie Radley