Match Report
St John's School, Leatherhead 1st VII vs  Sevenoaks School
On: Saturday, 14 Jan 2017
Venue: at Home

7-7 at quarter time and the 1st VII from St John's knew they were in for a battle. The Sevenoaks side, look very strong in the mid-court and the C and WA drives in the first quarter, seemed up stoppable.

Something in the St John' side seemed to click in to place and the Sevenoaks attack start to really struggle in feeding their shooting end. The defence of Grace Sullivan at GD and Ellie Grove at GK was unbreakable in the 2nd quarter, Sevenoaks only managed to score 3 goals to make it 19-10 to St John's at half time.

Much of the same carried on in the 3rd quarter, with Mel Hyde coming on very well today in the C position. Tash Davison made some beautiful drives towards the pockets in attack to open up a the great connection that Jaz Cornish and Katie Littlewood have created in the shooting circle. St John's won the 3rd quarter 12-3, which made it a score of 30-15.

We were able to change a lot of players around in the final quarter, with Hyde moving to WA, Ruby Breakspear to WD and Pippa Hansford to C. Hansford had a brilliant quarter at C, and managed to turn over a number of Sevenoaks centre passes. Sullivan and Grove, with the defensive partnership of Breakspear on the Wing, allowed for total domination in the defensive end for St John's - Sevenoaks struggled to cope with the pressure and were only able to score 4 goals in this quarter to St Johns' 15. Final score was 45-18 to St John's. An incredible result, particularly against the calibre of what was an impressive Sevenoaks side. The 1st VII were in tremendous shape during this match. Congratulations to captain Katie Littlewood, for being voted player of the match with her epic style of shooting under pressure - Littlewood has really grown in confidence and is starting to really blossom as a player.