Match Report
St John's School, Leatherhead Boys-U15B vs  Harrow School
On: Saturday, 04 Mar 2017
Venue: Away

Words will not suffice to do the U15Bs justice for their wholehearted battle away against their Harrow counterparts on Saturday. Overall, the footballing performance displayed perseverance, positive passing and passion, combined in a cocktail by both teams to create a spectacle of a football match for those on the sideline. The parents and supporters gathered to observe Harrow V St John's: both teams, until then, undefeated.

With magnificent goals from Michael Haddad, Joe Baker and Will Aldridge-Bate, in that order, the 3-2 battle was well-won. But Harrow did not go down without a fight...In fact, quite the contrary; St John's were 1-0 down at the sound of the half time whistle.

Despite the one nil down in point, the heads were up after a refreshing water break and a motivational mixed tactic team talk: the fire in their eyes was ignited and the boys had their sights set on prolonging their undefeated streak.

Prolong it they did, thanks to each and every committed body in green; the St John's Eagles tackled to victory, with blood(quite literally with a knee injury for Haddad), sweat and tears to show for it.

Special mention to be given to Michael Georgio for his assists, Sam Smedley for being stolen by the As at half time, James Bonner for his immense saves in goal and Aaron Tubman for an unforgettable performance.

What a spectacle! Well done boys!