Match Report
St John's School, Leatherhead Girls 4th XI vs  St George's School
On: Saturday, 10 Dec 2016
Venue: Away

The 4th XI's match against St Georges was arguably the best match that they have played all season. The new formation worked well, with Alex Grant and Amy Currie drawing the ball down the right wing and feeding it into the opposition's D. St George's played the first half without a keeper, so the D felt very crowded, but Ellie Tredgett battled through to score the first goal. This was soon followed up by a goal from Alice Mahon, scored after she swiftly took an opportunity in a short corner. St John's were clearly dominating by the end of the first half and the marking was superb with St George's struggling to maintain posetion for any length of time. Ellie Tredgett scored another goal to bring the first hald to a close.

In the second half, St George's had added a capable goal keeper, but this did not stop St John's. Amy Currie blazed down the centre, taking the ball into the D to score a 4th goal for St Johns. This was followed up by a fifth by Alice Mahon and a sixth By Ellie Tredgett, making Eliie the top scorer with a total of 3 goals in total. The Greive made some marvelous big hits, clearing the ball out of St John's defensive-half and Sophia Noussis played with particular elegance. The team played brilliantly together and really engaged in the strategies they needed to implement and this resulted in a 6:0 vicotry and a strong finish to the season.