Match Report
St John's School, Leatherhead Girls 4th XI vs  Brighton College
On: Saturday, 08 Oct 2016
Venue: at Home

4th XI v Brighton, draw 0:0

The 4th XI continued an unbeaten streak this week with a gruelling game against Brighton. Both teams played with great tenacity throughout and despite their best efforts, the 4th XI were unable to manage a goal. In the first half, Brighton had a number of opportunities, but Ellie Chalk managed to deflect numerous shots making a great impact in her first match as a Goal Keeper. As the first half wore on, St John’s managed to shift onto the offensive, with Radley, Mahon, Backhouse and Tredgett working brilliantly together. Despite the vocal support of the boys’ rugby team who were watching from the side-line, their attempts were unsuccessful. In the Second Half, Radley stood out with highly skilful stick-work on the right wing and she set up numerous goals, but Brighton players packed out the D making it very hard for St John’s to get a good shot. Furthermore, Amy Currie deserves a mention as she demonstrated excellent positioning, communication and stick-work throughout. The opposition coach remarked on how skilfully the girls played and the team is certainly the best 4th XI the school has seen, but they will need to continue to develop to find a way to outmanoeuvre an opponent like Brighton.