Match Report
St John's School, Leatherhead 1st VII vs  Reigate Grammar School
On: Saturday, 25 Feb 2017
Venue: at Home

The 1st VII encountered a tough fixture against Reigate on Saturday 25 February. With an injury to Eleanor Grove, the 1st VII have had a tough run as of late. Ruby Breakspear has stepped up to the mark in the GD/GK position, and Pippa Hansford the same in the C position.

The St John's side had an excellent first quarter leading 12-4 at the break. Natasha Davison played a great game at WA and has been really working on her 2nd phase drive off the centre pass. Grace Sullivan had some impressive rebounds in this quarter, and enabled more possession in the shooting circle. The shooting circle started off a little jittery, but Jasmine Cornish and Katie Littlewood worked things out in the 2nd part of this quarter.

Reigate came back at the St John's side in both the 2nd, 3rd and 4ths quarter. Breakspear had to come off due to feeling ill, and Pippa Hansford had to drop back in the unknown GD position. Not an ideal situation, but Hansford certainly did her best here. The final score 39-31 did not reflect the 1st quarter dominance and at times, this game was not pretty for the St john's side. However, still undefeated, the 1st VII are still looking strong as we push on to counties in a 1 weeks' time.

Natasha Davison is most deserved of her Most Valuable player award.