Match Report
St John's School, Leatherhead Girls 3rd XI vs  Epsom College
On: Saturday, 03 Dec 2016
Venue: at Home

This was a keenly contested fixture with the 3rd XI relishing the opportunity to challenge Epsom's traditional dominance over St John's. From the onset Epsom showed that the would tackle hard and they showed they could defend in numbers.However St John's controlled the midfield via Annie, Daisy and Jem and the early pressure paid off with a well an excellent pass made by Issy through onto Chloe making a great run from left to right into the shooting circle and calmly slotting it past the goalkeeper. After a quick ball change - wrong colour for the GK it seems, the Epsom defence were constantly under pressure from the front running of Becky, Vicky and Sophie. The latter two combined superbly on the right hand side Vicky controlled the ball superbly down the bye line and reverse sticked the ball in for a second from a seemingly impossible angle. The odd venture towards the defensive end was calmly dealt with by Louise in goal and Livvy and Lilly provided ample support to Issy in clearing the ball up field. With the ball encamped in the Epsom half the team met with stick tackle s which too often went unpunished. However Daisy managed to react quickest within the circle - whilst the whistle was being blown at last for a short corner Daisy flicked a quick shot into goal which the umpire deemed as advantage played. No-one complained and St John's found themselves 3 - 0 going into half time.

The second half mirrored the first with Georgie coming more into the frame with some strong runs down the right hand side and Hollie on the left. However despite numerous opportunities via short corners, St John's could not find the net. It was a pity that Epsom did manage a break away goal towards the end of the game but much can be taken from a first ever 3rd XI win over Epsom - well done girls.