Match Report
St John's School, Leatherhead Girls 2nd XI vs  Epsom College
On: Saturday, 03 Dec 2016
Venue: Away

It has been a number of years since St John's had the pleasure of playing one of the school's main rivals, and I am pleased to say that the St John's 2nd XI came out on top against Epsom College. With a full strength squad, confidence was high and they were aiming too finish the season well.

The first half swung back and forth with neither team taking control. There were periods in which St John's penned Epsom into their half, and vise-versa. However, it was ST John's who took the lead, courtesy of Livvy Conboy with about 7 minutes played. There were many more opportunities in the first half, but Epsom defended well and prevented anymore goals. Likewise, Anna Mead, Tash Davison, Nattie Cooper and Zanna McCmahon worked well as a unit to break up any attacks. Play was scrappy in the first half with large numbers in the centre of the pitch, so the half time advice was to get the ball to the wide areas.

On came Phoebe McCutcheon onto the left wing and with Kirstin Hume in her usual position on the right, the opposition were stretched and found it difficult to clear their lines. Hume was a menace on the right, constantly providing strikes into the D and winding runs to the baseline. Livvy Conboy was first to react to any loose balls in the D, meanwhile the veterans; Potter, Stock and Spreeth drove through the middle. John's did double their lead as debutant, McCutcheon scored a lovely goal when one-on-one with the keeper. She kept a level head and simply brushed it past and into the corner. But how many more it could have been? The opposition made 5 or 6 outstanding saves, while lack of composure in front of goal saw many attempts go off target. The defence had very little to do in the second half, but Jodi Brine did make a couple of smart saves. An excellent testament to hockey at St John's; the 2nd XI dominated territory and possession for a comfortable 2-0 victory.