Match Report
St John's School, Leatherhead Boys-U15C vs  Epsom College
On: Saturday, 10 Dec 2016
Venue: Away

St John's 20, Epsom 5

The final fixture of the season proved a gripping match between two highly motivated sides playing very different styles of rugby. Epsom had a significant weight advantage which they sought to exploit in mauls and break-downs, whilst St John's running and passing skills favoured a more fluid approach. This played to our advantage in the first half, which yielded an early try for Michael Georgiou, and continued pressure kept the game largely in Epsom's half. By half time Aron Tubman and Jonah Cobham had both added tries and the score stood at 15-0. However in the second half Epsom came back fighting, using the downhill to their advantage to create plenty of pressure. A loose ball was kicked upfield and despite a valiant chase Epsom managed to touch it down for a try. There followed a passage of intense attacking play where St Johns' defence was tested but found solid. With both teams tiring, Aron Tubman again deployed his blistering pace to accelerate and step his way through Epsom's defence to score the final decisive try and the game ended 20-5.

So ends another very strong season for the boys, full of great flowing rugby with a high scoring rate averaging 25 points per game. The team have bonded really well as a unit and supported each other closely, whilst developing their skills impressively along the journey since U14 days. It has been a great pleasure coaching them and sharing in their well-deserved success.

Man of the final match: Aron Tubman